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"Having a Director of Photography | CG Lighting Artist | Visual Consultant on the Team who answers the fundamental questions concerning the understanding & nature of Dark Matter/Energy, Worm/Black Hole(s), Teleportation, Information paradox, Holographic Principle, Gravity/Consciousness/SpaceTime/Order etc.. has multiple benefits across all departments, before, during & after the production. Such a team player, regardless where, contains potential, to enhance performance of the crew & everyone else, inside out! He will build friendships, partnerships that go beyond SpaceTime, dimensions." - Jinish Shah

"The standard model of cosmology indicates that the total mass-energy content of the universe contains 68.3% Dark Energy, 26.8% Dark Matter and 4.9% Ordinary Matter(everything else including the galaxies, stars, planets and us)." And according to current theories of physics, Dark Energy(also associated with Vacuum Energy, Cosmological Constant, Quantum Vacuum) now dominates as the largest source of energy of the universe."

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